Specialists in distributing and purchasing investment funds

V-FONDS is dedicated solely to distributing investment funds for independent asset managers and to purchasing investment funds for institutional investors.

V-FONDS offers genuine benefits to independent asset managers and institutional investors and gives them the competitive advantage. The subsidiary of V-BANK operates in a flourishing segment that is growing in force in Germany.

Funds distribution
Successful independent portfolio managers with outstanding products are setting ever higher standards on the market. But frequently they lack a professional distribution platform of the kind available to classic investment fund companies. V-FONDS is professional in distributing investment funds for independent asset managers to target groups from a multitude of fields. To achieve this, V-FONDS focuses on a limited fund universe with complementary investment strategies. The selection of funds with unique product features makes our distribution success unrivaled.

Funds purchasing
V-FONDS offers institutional investors a platform on which to purchase retail funds at unbeatable conditions and has more than 15,000 funds in its portfolio. V-FONDS joins forces with the parent company V-BANK for the purchasing and administration of the funds.