Do - Absolute Return


Asset manager/fund manager

Do Investment AG
Dr. Dirk Rüttgers and Team



ISIN: LU0327739230(I), LU0535590268(R)
WKN: A0M57R(I), A1C348(R)
Launch date: 22nd October 2007 (share class A)
Registered for sale: Luxembourg, Germany


  • Absolute Return (konservativ), Cautious Allocation

Investment goal

  • To generate long-term absolute returns at high risk diversification, regardless of market development

  • Benchmark: 3M-Euribor + 200 Bp

Investment universe/characteristics

  • Fixed and floating rate bonds from all rating categories and maturities, international equities (max. 15%), currencies

  • Derivative financial instruments may also be employed to achieve the investment goal and for hedging purposes

Investment style

  • Conservative, long-term

USP/special features

  • Capital preservation before profit maximization

  • Very low volatility

  • Positive returns in the crisis years 2008 and 2011

  • Independent of market opinion