Salar Fund Plc.



Asset manager/fund manager

Ferox Capital LLP
Rupert Mathews



ISIN: IE00B520F527(I), IE00B520G822(R)
Launch date: Strategy 2005; UCITS fund Feb. 2008
Registered for sale: Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Ireland and UK


  • Long-only global convertible funds

Investment goal

  • To achieve capital growth while at the same time preserving capital (despite "long only" strategy)

  • "LIBOR plus" at low volatility

  • asymmetrical risk profile

Investment universe/characteristics

  • Global Convertible Bonds

Investment style

  • Investment in convertibles close to bond floor

  • Greater focus placed on analyzing the risk and issue ratings

  • Asymmetrical risk profile limits downside at unlimited upside on the equity side

  • Broadly-diversified portfolio for the purpose of further risk reduction

USP/special features

  • Ferox dedicated solely to managing convertible strategies

  • Core team working together for 18 years

  • Specialization enables scrupulous state-of-the-art market analysis that few peers are able to rival

  • Low delta combined with top quality bonds delivers above-average returns in the long term

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